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* https://edev-group.triumf.ca/fw/exp/darkside/gcdm
* https://edev-group.triumf.ca/fw/exp/darkside/gcdm
* https://edev-group.triumf.ca/hw/vme/dark-side-20k-data-manager-card/rev0
= Board schematics =
= Board schematics =

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DarkSide-20k Global and Crate Data Manager board (GDM and CDM).

Global Data Manager (GDM):

  • clock distribution to CDM boards (including GPS/atomic clock source)
  • collection of trigger data from CDM boards, processing and distribution of trigger decision to CDM boards
  • run control

Crate Data Manager (CDM):

  • clock distribution from GDM to CAEN digitizers
  • receive trigger data from CAEN digitizers
  • send trigger data to GDM
  • run control and dead time control


Board schematics