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Information on IRIS DAQ


  • Experimental setup and operation - Rituparna Kanungo []
  • DAQ hardware and software - TRIUMF-DAQ group / Pierre-A. Amaudruz []
  • mhall
  • malacorta

IRIS Linux DAQ cluster

IRIS is composed of 5 machines

  • IRIS00 - Main NFS server and DAQ (experimental floor)
  • IRIS01 - Auxiliary analysis computers (ISAC-II north counting room)
  • IRIS02 - Auxiliary analysis computers (ISAC-II north counting room)
  • lxiris01 - VME processor for ADCs Mesytec MADC32s (experimental floor)
  • lxiris02 - VME processor for TDCs CAEN V1190s (experimental floor)

and 2 VME crates:

  • irisvme1
  • irisvme2

Home directories: on iris00 2x240GB SSD (ZFS mirror) /zssd/home1

Data storage: on iris00 2x10TB HDD (ZFS mirror) /z10tb/iris, NFS mounted as /iris/data0/iris

DAQ instructions

How to rebuild IRIS DAQ