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Welcome to the Triumf DAQ Wiki site

The TRIUMF DAQ group provides support for the data acquisition systems used by experimenters to collect data.

Members of the TRIUMF DAQ group:

Experiment =

Group DAQ Primary Contact DAQ Secondary contact Experiment liaison Experiment liaison Leader Host machines Notes
BNMR/BNQR Ben Smith Konstantin Olchanski G Morris A. Mac Farlane isdaq01, isdaq06, lxbnmr, lxbnqr
MUSR Ben Smith ... Donald Arseneau Syd Kreitzman musr00, midm15, midm9a, midm9b, midm20c, midm20d, midm20, linm15, linm9a, linm20, lxm9a, lxm9b, lxm20c, lxm20d, lxm15
POL Ben Smith Pierre-A. Amaudruz Matt Pearson Phil Levy isdaq06, lxpol
Dragon Konstantin Olchanski Pierre-A. Amaudruz Chris Ruiz Chris Ruiz isdaq04
GPS Chris Pearson Konstantin Olchanski Gordon Ball G.Ball midtis06
Titan (MPET) Ben Smith ... ?? Jens Dilling titan01, lxmpet
Titan (EBIT) Ben Smith Chris Pearson ?? Jens Dilling titan03, lxebit
Titan (CPET) Ben Smith ... ?? Jens Dilling titan01, lxcpet
Trinat Konstrantin Olchanski ... .. John Behr midtis01, isdaq01
Tuda Pierre-A. Amaudruz Chris Pearson ... T.Davidson tuda01..03
EMMA Konstantin Olchanski Thomas Lindner .. Barry Davids ..
Tigress Chris Pearson Konstantin Olchanski ... Greg Hackman Midtig01/02/03
IRIS Pierre-A. Amaudruz Konstantin Olchanski ... Rituparna Kanungo iris00..02, lxiris01..02
T2K - FGD (completed) Konstantin Olchanski Thomas Lindner Fabrice Retiere Scott Oser ladd10
Alpha-II Konstantin Olchanski Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. Makoto Fujiwara ...
Alpha-g Konstantin Olchanski Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. Makoto Fujiwara ...
Liquid Xe (retired) Pierre-A. Amaudruz Konstantin Olchanski ... doug Bryman xenon01, xenon02
DEAP (completed) Pierre-A. Amaudruz Konstantin Olchanski Fabrice Retiere ... ...
SuperCDMS Thomas Lindner Ben Smith ... Scott Oser ...
PTF Thomas Lindner Pierre-A. Amaudruz ... ... midptf01
CCS Konstantin Olchanski Pierre-A. Amaudruz ... Rolf Keitle arm
UCN Thomas Lindner ... ... .. ...
G-2 (retired) Konstantin Olchanski Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. Glen Marshall ..
SMD (retired) Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. .. Ewart Blackmore ..
Griffin Chris Pearson Konstantin Olchanski .. Adam Garthworthy ..
Pingu (retired) Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. .. Fabrice Retiere ..
Atlas ThinChamber (retired) Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. .. .. lxcamac01
Beast/Belle2 (retired) Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. .. Paul Poffenberger ..
Hyper-K Thomas Lindner Pierre-A. Amaudruz .. Fabrice Retiere ..