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The optional /Customscript ODB tree provides the user with a way to execute a script when a button on a mhttpd Custom Page is clicked, including the capability of passing parameters from the ODB to the user-written script. This tree is similar to the /Script ODB tree, except instead of producing script-buttons on the Status Page, it produces customscript-buttons on a user-written Custom Page, provided an HTML <input> tag is provided in the Custom Page code for each custom-script button (see Custom Page Features#CustomScript Buttons).

Creating the /Customscript tree

The /Customscript ODB tree is created by the user. This tree is optional, and the names of any keys in this tree are chosen by the user.

<customscript-name> key or subtree

Any key created in the /Customscript tree will appear as a customscript-button <customscript-name> (see above).

Otherwise, the syntax of the /Customscript tree is exactly the same as that of the /Script tree. See Script tree for details.