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Creating the /Elog tree

The /Elog tree is created automatically when the ELOG button on the mhttpd Status Page.


The ODB /Elog tree contains the information necessary to run the Elog (Electronic Logbook), which is implemented through Mhttpd.


When initially created, the /Experiment tree contains the following keys:

[local:midas:S]/>ls -lrt /elog

Key name Type #Val Size Last Opn Mode Value

Elog DIR

   Display run number          BOOL    1     4     17m  0   RWD  y
   Allow delete                BOOL    1     4     17m  0   RWD  n
   Buttons                     STRING  3     32    17m  0   RWD
                                       [0]             8h
                                       [1]             24h
                                       [2]             7d