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Creating the /Experiment tree

The /Experiment ODB tree is created automatically when the ODB is first created.


The /Experiment ODB tree contains information relevent to the experiment. Many optional keys can be added by the user to customize their experiment.


When initially created, the /Experiment tree contains the following keys:

[local:midas:S]/>ls -lrt /experiment
Key name                        Type    #Val  Size  Last Opn Mode Value
Experiment                      DIR
   Name                        STRING  1     32    14s  0   RWD  midas
   Buffer sizes                DIR
       SYSMSG                  DWORD   1     4     11h  0   RWD  100000

Keys in /Experiment tree

The keys in the ODB /Experiment tree are described in the following sections.


  • Type: STRING
  • Default:

Contains the name of the experiment. Filled automatically when the ODB is created with