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Creating the /Experiment tree

The /Experiment ODB tree is created automatically when the ODB is first created.


The /Experiment ODB tree contains information relevent to the experiment. Many optional keys can be added by the user to customize their experiment.


When initially created, the /Experiment tree contains the following keys:

[local:midas:S]/>ls -lrt /experiment
Key name                        Type    #Val  Size  Last Opn Mode Value
Experiment                      DIR
   Name                        STRING  1     32    14s  0   RWD  midas
   Buffer sizes                DIR
       SYSMSG                  DWORD   1     4     11h  0   RWD  100000

Keys in /Experiment tree

The keys in the ODB /Experiment tree are described in the following sections.


  • Type: STRING
  • Default:

Contains the name of the experiment. Filled automatically when the ODB is created with

/Experiment/Buffer Sizes subtree

Contains the sizes of the Midas Buffers for the experiment. Created with default values. The sizes can be changed to optimize the memory usage. See Event Buffer Size(s) for details.

/Experiment/Menu Buttons

  • Type: STRING
  • Default: "Start, Pause, ODB, Messages, ELog, Alarms, Programs, History, Sequencer, Config, Help"

This key is added automatically by mhttpd to allow the Menu buttons that appear on the mhttpd Main Status Page to be customized. If MSCB support is built into MIDAS, the MSCB Menu button will also be shown.