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==== Links ====
=== Links ===
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* [[Keys in the ODB /Logger tree| keys in /Logger tree]]  
* [[Keys in the ODB /Logger tree| keys in /Logger tree]]  
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* [[Keys in the ODB /Logger/History subtree |keys in /Logger/History subtree]]
* [[Keys in the ODB /Logger/History subtree |keys in /Logger/History subtree]]
[[Category:ODB Tree]]
[[Category:ODB Tree]] [[Category:Data Logging]]

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Creating the /logger tree

The /Logger ODB tree is created when the mlogger utility is started for the first time. The keys will be filled with default values which users may change as required to customize their experiments. See keys in the ODB /Logger tree for more information on each key.


Most of the keys in the /Logger ODB tree are used to customize logging of the data. There are also keys to customize the Messaging system. The /Logger tree also may contain optional keys /Logger/Elog dir and /Logger/History dir relevent to storing the History and Elog data files.

The optional subtree /Logger/SQL is used when logging to a mySQL database.


The following example shows a typical /Logger ODB tree obtained using the odbedit ls command. See keys in the ODB /Logger tree for more information on each key.

  ODB Key name                    Value
     Data dir                    /isdaq/data1/midas/dlog/current
     Message file                midas.log
     Write data                  y
     ODB Dump                    y
      ODB Dump File               %06d.odb
     Auto restart                n
     Tape message                y
                 Active            n
                 Type              Disk
                 Filename          %06d.mid
                 Format            MIDAS
                 Compression       0
                 ODB dump          n
                 Log messages      0
                 Buffer            SYSTEM
                 Event ID          -1
                 Trigger mask      -1
                 Event limit       0
                 Byte limit        0
                 Subrun Byte limit 0
                 Tape capacity     0
                 Subdir format
                 Current filename  030300.mid
                 Events written                  60
                 Bytes written                   101864
                 Bytes written uncompressed      101864
                 Bytes written total             8166648992
                 Bytes written subrun            98304
                 Files written                   427
                 Disk level                      0.714018533478346
     Elog Dir                    /isdaq/data1/midas/elog
     Auto restart delay          0
         Create database         n
         Write data              n
         Hostname                localhost
         Username                root
         Database                midas
         Table                   Runlog
         Logfile                 sql.log
         Links BOR
             Run number -> /Runinfo/Run number
             Start time -> /Runinfo/Start time
                               Fri Jul 26 17:53:03 2013
         Links EOR
             Stop time -> /Runinfo/Stop time
                               Fri Jul 26 18:16:58 2013
     Run duration                0
     Next subrun                 n
     Subrun duration             0

Keys in the /Logger tree

Click on the following links for description of the