Alarm System

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MIDAS provides an alarm system, which by default is turned off. When the alarm system is activated and an alarm condition is detected, alarms messages are sent by the system which appear as an alarm banner on the mhttpd main status page, and as a message on any windows running odbedit clients. The alarm system is flexible and can be extensively customized for each experiment.

The alarm system is built-in and part of the main experiment scheduler. This means no separate task is necessary to benefit from the alarm system. Its setup and activation is done through the /Alarms ODB tree. The alarm system includes several other features such as sequencing and control of the experiment. The alarm capabilities are:

  • Alarm setting on any ODB variable against a threshold parameter.
  • Alarm triggered by evaluated condition
  • Selection of Alarm check frequency
  • Selection of Alarm trigger frequency
  • Customization alarm scheme; under this scheme multiple choices of alarm type can be selected
  • Selection of alarm message destination (to system message log or to elog)
  • email or SMS alerts can be sent

Program control on run transition

The alarm system can be customized through ODBEdit or the mhttpd Alarm page. Some of the features (such as colour) are applicable only to mhttpd.