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The purpose of a mhttpd Chat Page is to provide a simple mean of communication between multiple users under the same Midas experiment. This communication is done via the Midas web application. Additional speaking (Text-to-Speech) of the message can be enabled (see below).

Access to the Chat Page

The Chat Page is displayed by clicking on the Chat button on the mhttpd Status Page or other mhttpd web page.

If the Chat button is not present on the Status Page

Features of the Chat page

  • The Chat page provides 2 field for:
    • Entering the user name identifying the individual
    • Entering the user message
  • In the case of the "CHROME" web browser use, it is possible to enable the "Text-To-Speech" synthesizer to "speak the message. Only collaborators sentences will be spoken. The enabling for this feature is done by setting the "Text-to-Speech Enable" to 1 under the "CONFIG" button on the status page.