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Standard layout of MIDAS experiment

This layout includes other packages needed for data analysis but not required for acquisition purpose only (noted as **). The online directory is given only as a suggested structure.

    root <---- ROOT (64-bit or 32-bit) (**)
    mxml  <---- from MIDAS repository
    midas <---- MIDAS
      linux/{lib,bin}  <---- binaries matching the selected 64-bit/32-bit flavour of ROOT
      linux-m32/{lib,bin}   <---- limited function 32-bit binaries for 32-bit frontend machines, build by "make linux32"
      linux-m64/{lib,bin}   <---- limited function 64-bit binaries (only needed if ROOT and linux/bin are 32-bit)
      linux-crosscompile/{lib,bin}  <---- cross-compiled limited function binaries for PPC and ARM frontends (see Makefile)
    exptab <---- experiment definition
    {.ODB,.SYSTEM,.SYSMSG,etc}.SHM <---- MIDAS shared memory save files
    src <---- experiment frontend sources
    elog <---- MIDAS elog (**)
    history <---- MIDAS history
    data -> /data/exptname/current <---- symlink to the data directory (**)
/data/exptname/current <---- experiment data directory with ODB save files and MIDAS .mid/.mid.gz data files

Installing MIDAS

  • mkdir $HOME/packages
  • Logout and login again, for .cshrc or bash changes to take effect

If the simple procedure listed above does not work, see our Common Installation Problems.

Setup a MIDAS experiment

See MIDAS installation instructions for TRIUMF experiments for further information.

Quick Start

Quickstart Linux