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Standard layout of MIDAS experiment

This layout includes other packages needed for data analysis but not required for acquisition purpose only (noted as **). The online directory is given only as a suggested structure.

    root <---- ROOT (64-bit or 32-bit) (**)
    mxml  <---- from MIDAS repository
    midas <---- MIDAS
      linux/{lib,bin}  <---- binaries matching the selected 64-bit/32-bit flavour of ROOT
      linux-m32/{lib,bin}   <---- limited function 32-bit binaries for 32-bit frontend machines, build by "make linux32"
      linux-m64/{lib,bin}   <---- limited function 64-bit binaries (only needed if ROOT and linux/bin are 32-bit)
      linux-crosscompile/{lib,bin}  <---- cross-compiled limited function binaries for PPC and ARM frontends (see Makefile)
    exptab <---- experiment definition
    {.ODB,.SYSTEM,.SYSMSG,etc}.SHM <---- MIDAS shared memory save files
    src <---- experiment frontend sources
    elog <---- MIDAS elog (**)
    history <---- MIDAS history
    data -> /data/exptname/current <---- symlink to the data directory (**)
/data/exptname/current <---- experiment data directory with ODB save files and MIDAS .mid/.mid.gz data files

Valid OS list

Midas is compatible with:

  • linux : Maintained
  • Darwin : Maintained
  • freeBSD : Maintained
  • Arm : On Raspberry Pi
  • VxWorks : Rarely used, still maintained
  • OSF1 : Not used for quite a while
  • ultrix : Not used for quite a while
  • solaris : No used for quite a while
  • Cygwin : Not used for quite a while
  • PPC405 : Not used for quite a while

External libraries/packages consideration

Midas requires:

  • gcc compiler
  • zlib library.
  • c++11 compiler for latest frontend applications.

Environment Variables consideration

  • MIDASSYS Base directory of the MIDAS package, midas and mxml should be at the same level.
  • MIDAS_EXPTAB Experiment definition file
  • MIDAS_SERVER_HOST MIDAS host server name for remote midas connections.
  • MIDAS_EXPT_NAME Experiment name


setenv LANG C
setenv GIT_EDITOR "emacs -nw"
setenv MIDASSYS $HOME/packages/midas
setenv ROOTSYS  $HOME/packages/root
setenv MIDAS_EXPTAB $HOME/online/exptab
setenv PATH .:$MIDASSYS/linux/bin:$PATH
setenv PATH .:$HOME/online/bin:$ROOTSYS/bin:$PATH
# For default remote Midas server to myhost
setenv MIDAS_SERVER_HOST myhost00:7071

# For default remote Midas server to a given port
setenv MIDAS_SERVER_HOST myhost00:7071

# For no default on remote Midas server

# For default Midas experiment
setenv MIDAS_EXPT_NAME deap


export LANG=C
export MIDASSYS=$HOME/packages/midas
export PATH=$PATH:$MIDASSYS/linux/bin
export MIDAS_EXPTAB=/home/deap/exptab

# For default remote Midas server to myhost
export MIDAS_SERVER_HOST=myhost00:7071

# For default remote Midas server to a given port
export MIDAS_SERVER_HOST=myhost00:7071

# For no default on remote Midas server

# For default Midas experiment
export MIDAS_EXPT_NAME=deap

Installing MIDAS

  • mkdir $HOME/packages
  • Logout and login again, for .cshrc or bash changes to take effect

If you get a SSL server certificate error during the git clone operation, you don't have the proper certificates installed on your computer. The easiest way out is to tell git to ignore the SSL verification with

  • git config --global http.sslVerify false

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