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* [[Oldies| Older files]]
* [[Oldies| Older files]]
* [[Setup_MIDAS_experiment|MIDAS installation instructions for TRIUMF experiments]]
* [[Common problems & Debugging recipes]]
* [[mhformat|Format of MIDAS history files]]
* [[alarm_note|Note on the alarm system]]
* [[hotlink_note|Note on the ODB hotlink function (db_open_record())]]
* [[cm_msg_deadlock_note|Note on race condition and deadlock between ODB lock and SYSMSG lock in cm_msg()]]
* [[start_abort|Note on prevent start due to alarm or required programs]]
* [[Modifications|List of various minor modification to be put into the right place of the documentation]]
* [[mhttpd.js|Documentation of mhttpd.js]]
* [[AJAX|Documentation of MIDAS AJAX functions]]
* [[hs_config|Note on the new history configuration]]
* [[cdms_workshop|Notes for the CDMS workshop March 2014]]
* [[auto_start|Note on Programs auto start, auto stop and auto restart]]
= MediaWiki =
= MediaWiki =

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MIDAS is a modern data acquisition system developed at PSI and TRIUMF. Supported hardware includes VME, Fastbus, CAMAC, RS232, GPIB, USB, ethernet, fiber optic and MSCB attached data acquisition devices. MIDAS is written in C/C++ and runs on Linux, MacOS and MS Windows. It is licensed under the GPL.

On August 2013, the complete MIDAS documentation has been moved to TRIUMF for consistency and can be accessed via http://midas.triumf.ca. Only a (very historic) introduction is still accessible at PSI.



All MIDAS programs are under the GNU Public License

The GIT tree is available via a web interface. Using this interface, the most recent file versions can be obtained.

Alternatively, the files can be directly obtained via GIT by entering:

git clone https://bitbucket.org/tmidas/midas
git clone https://bitbucket.org/tmidas/mscb
git clone https://bitbucket.org/tmidas/mxml
cd midas

Supported operating systems are:

  • primary: MacOS, RHEL/SL/SLC Linux
  • secondary: MS Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, FreeBSD, VxWorks, others (see Makefile)

The bitbucket repository is mirrored nightly to TRIUMF at http://ladd00.triumf.ca/~daqweb/git. Please use this mirror to install stable releases of MIDAS. To follow the latest development version, please clone from bitbucket.


News about bug fixes and new releases of Midas can be obtained from the Midas news group located at TRIUMF which uses the ELOG system. Users can register in this system to be notified automatically via E-mail when new entries are submitted.

Another source of information is the Bitbucket Repository of MIDAS, where one can see the latest changes to the software.

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