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= Links =
= Links =
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{{mhttpdpages1|[[Message System]]}}
* [[Mhttpd|mhttpd MIDAS web server]]
* [[Status Page]]
* '''Messages Page'''
* [[ODB Page]]
* [[Programs Page]]
* [[Alarms Page]]
* [[MSCB Page]]
* [[History Page]]
* [[Custom Page]]
* [[Config Page]]
* [[Help Page]]
* [[Message System]]
= Purpose =
= Purpose =

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The purpose of the mhttpd Message page is to display the contents of the MIDAS Messages log file in blocks of 100 lines starting with the most recent messages. This log file contains system and user messages generated by applications connected to the experiment. See Message System for details.

Access the Message page

The Message Page is accessed from the Status Page (or one of the other Pages) by clicking on the menu-button Message .

If "Messages" button is not present on the Status Page, it may have been suppressed.


An example of the Message page is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Example of Messages page for an experiment, Click to enlarge

Error messages (i.e. those of Message Type MERROR) are shown in red. The other messages shown are information messages of Message Type MINFO.