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mh2sql imports history files into an SQL database in the same way as if they were written into the database by mlogger.


mh2sql [-h] [switches...] file1.hst file2.hst ...
 -h                         --- print this help message
 --report-repaired-tags     --- print messages about all repaired empty and duplicate tag names
 --hs-debug <hs_debug_flag> --- set the history debug flag
 --odbc <ODBC_DSN>          --- write to ODBC (SQL) history using given ODBC DSN
 --sqlite <path>            --- write to SQLITE database at the given path
 --mysql <connect string>   --- write to MYSQL database
 --file <path>              --- write to FILE database at the given path


 mh2sql --hs-debug 1 --sqlite . 130813.hst