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The mhttpd utility runs the MIDAS Web Server.

It requires the TCP/IP port number as an argument in order to listen to the web-based request.


  [-h] : connect to midas server (mserver) on given host
  [-e] : experiment to connect to
  [-p port ] : port number e.g. 8081 (no default)
  [-v] : display verbose HTTP communication
  [-D] : starts program as a daemon
  [-E] : only display ELog system
  [-H] : only display history plots
  [-a] : only allow access for specific host(s). Several [-a Hostname] statements might be given
  [-help] : display usage information


  mhttpd [-h Hostname] [-e Experiment] [-p port] [-v] [-D] [-c] [-a Hostname]
  mhttpd -p 8081 -D


      Several copies of mhttpd can run on a single host, as long as they are started on different ports.
      If more than one experiment runs on the same host, a server for each experiment must be started on a different port, e.g.
          mhttpd -e midas -p 8081 -D
          mhttpd -e midgas -p 8082 -D