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"MIDAS" is an acronym for Maximum Integrated Data Acquisition System.

It is a general-purpose software package for event-based data acquisition in small and medium scale Physics experiments. Its development has been started at the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) and at TRIUMF (Canada) in 1993.

MIDAS is based on a modular networking capability and a central database system. It consists of a collection of C, C++ code handling the main functionallity required for data communication between the different acquisition nodes, data control for run operation, data distribution for online data analysis and more. It does also provide the appropriate tools for control and monitoring the run condition from a web application. Midas is supported on current OS such as UNIX-like, Windows, VxWorks. While the system is already in use in many laboratories, the development continues with addition of new features and tools. Recent developments involve multi-threading, FGPA/Linux support, MSCB extension. For the latest status, check the MIDAS home page: Switzerland , Canada


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