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mlogger - MIDAS Logger

The MIDAS Logger, mlogger, is the main application that collects data from one or more frontends under certain conditions and stores them onto a physical device such as disk or tape. It also acts as a history event collector and can also store data in a mySQL database. The features and customization of the logger utility are fully described in the section Logging in MIDAS .

       [-h ] : help
       [-e exptname ] : experiment name (see odbedit - ODB Editor and run control utility)
       [-D ] : start program as a daemon (UNIX only).
       [-s] : Save mode (debugging: protect ODB).
       [-v] : Verbose (not to be used in conjunction with -D).
    >mlogger -D 


   mlogger creates the /Logger ODB tree with default values the first time it is run
   The mlogger application requires an existing /Equipment tree in the ODB
   Once the mlogger is running, you should be able to monitor its state with mstat or with mhttpd.