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mlxspeaker is a utility which listens to the MIDAS Message System and pipes these messages to a speech synthesizer application. mlxspeaker is for a Linux based system, and interfaces to the Festival speech synthesis package. The "Festival Speech Synthesis System" has to be installed prior the activation of the mlxspeaker utility.


This mlxspeaker should be considered obsolete as the midas web server mhttpd provides a similar functionality through the Web Speech API speechSynthesis .


   > mlxspeaker -D


       [-help ]          : help
       [-h hostname ]    : host name
       [-e exptname ]    : experiment name
       [-t mt_talk]      : Specify the mt_talk alert command
       [-u mt_user]      : Specify the mt_user alert command
       [-s shut up time] : Specify the min time interval between alert [s] 
                           The -t & -u switch require a command equivalent to: "-t play --volume=0.3 file.wav"
       [-c command]      : Used to start the speech synthesizer, which should read text from its standard input.
                           e.g.   mlxspeaker -c 'festival --tts -'
       [-D ] : start program as a daemon