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mstat is a simple ASCII status display. It presents the most useful information about the current condition of the MIDAS Acquisition system in a compact form.

The display is composed at the most of 5 sections depending on the current status of the experiment. The section displayed in order from top to bottom refer to:

  • Run information.
  • Equipment listing and statistics if any @ref FE_frontend_utility "frontend" is active.
  • Logger information and statistics if @ref F_mlogger_utility "mlogger" is active.
  • Lazylogger status if lazylogger is active.
  • Client listing.


  [-h ] : help
  [-h hostname ] : host name (see @ref RC_odbedit_utility)
  [-e exptname ] : experiment name (see @ref RC_odbedit_utility)
  [-l ] : loop. Forces mstat to remain in a display loop. Enter "!" to terminate the command.
  [-w time ] : refresh rate in seconds. Specifies the delay before refreshing the screen with up-to-date information. 
               Default: 5 seconds. Has to be used in conjunction with -l switch. Enter "R" to refresh screen on next update.


>mstat -l
*-v1.8.0- MIDAS status page -------------------------Mon Apr  3 11:52:52 2000-* 
Experiment:chaos       Run#:8699    State:Running          Run time :00:11:34   
Start time:Mon Apr  3 11:41:18 2000                                             
FE Equip.   Node              Event Taken    Event Rate[/s] Data Rate[Kb/s]     
B12Y        pcch02            67             0.0            0.0                 
CUM_Scaler  vwchaos           23             0.2            0.2                 
CHV         pcch02            68             0.0            0.0                 
KOS_Scalers vwchaos           330            0.4            0.6                 
KOS_Trigger vwchaos           434226         652.4          408.3               
KOS_File    vwchaos           0              0.0            0.0                 
Target      pcch02            66             0.0            0.0 
Logger Data dir: /scr0/spring2000            Message File: midas.log            
Chan.   Active Type      Filename            Events Taken   KBytes Taken        
 0     Yes    Disk      run08699.ybs        434206          4.24e+06           
Lazy Label     Progress  File name           #files         Total               
cni-53         100[%]    run08696.ybs        15             44.3[%]             
Clients:  MStatus/koslx0         Logger/koslx0          Lazy_Tape/koslx0        
          CHV/pcch02             MChart1/umelba         ODBEdit/koslx0          
          CHAOS/vwchaos          ecl/koslx0             Speaker/koslx0          
          MChart/umelba          targetFE/pcch02        HV_MONITOR/umelba       
          SUSI/koslx0            History/kosal2         MStatus1/dasdevpc