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quit/exit              - exit
quit/exit              - exit

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ODB help command

Running odbedit and issuing the command "help" displays the list of commands:

Database commands ([] are options, <> are placeholders):

alarm                   - reset all alarms
cd <dir>                - change current directory
chat                    - enter chat mode
chmod <mode> <key>      - change access mode of a key
                          1=read | 2=write | 4=delete
cleanup [client] [-f]   - delete hanging clients [force]
copy <src> <dest>       - copy a subtree to a new location
create <type> <key>     - create a key of a certain type
create <type> <key>[n]  - create an array of size [n]
create string <key>[n][m]  - create an array of [n] strings of [m] characters
del/rm [-l] [-f] <key>  - delete a key and its subkeys
  -l                      follow links
  -f                      force deletion without asking
exec <key>/<cmd>        - execute shell command (stored in key) on server
exp <key> <filename>    - import key into ASCII file
find <pattern>          - find a key with wildcard pattern
help/? [command]        - print this help [for a specific command]
hi [analyzer] [id]      - tell analyzer to clear histos
imp <filename> [key]    - import ASCII file into string key
ln <source> <linkname>  - create a link to <source> key
load <file>             - load database from .ODB file at current position
ls/dir [-lhvrp] [<pat>] - show database entries which match pattern
  -l                      detailed info
  -h                      hex format
  -v                      only value
  -r                      show database entries recursively
  -p                      pause between screens
make [analyzer name]    - create experim.h
mem [-v]                - show memeory usage [verbose]
mkdir <subdir>          - make new <subdir>
move <key> [top/bottom/[n]] - move key to position in keylist
msg [type] [user] <msg> - compose user message
old [n]                 - display old n messages
passwd                  - change MIDAS password
pause                   - pause current run
pwd                     - show current directory
resume                  - resume current run
rename <old> <new>      - rename key
rewind [channel]        - rewind tapes in logger
save [-c -s -x -j -cs] <file>  - save database at current position
                          in ASCII format
  -c                      as a C structure
  -s                      as a #define'd string
  -x                      as a XML file
  -j                      as a JSON file
set <key> <value>       - set the value of a key
set <key>[i] <value>    - set the value of index i
set <key>[*] <value>    - set the value of all indices of a key
set <key>[i..j] <value> - set the value of all indices i..j
scl [-w]                - show all active clients [with watchdog info]
shutdown <client>/all   - shutdown individual or all clients
sor                     - show open records in current subtree
start [number][now][-v] - start a run [with a specific number],
                          [now] w/o asking parameters, [-v] debug output
stop [-v]               - stop current run, [-v] debug output
trunc <key> <index>     - truncate key to [index] values    
ver                     - show MIDAS library version
webpasswd               - change WWW password for mhttpd
wait <key>              - wait for key to get modified

quit/exit               - exit