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* [[Midas_documentation|Midas Documentation]]
* [[Feature_listing|Feature Listing]]
* [[Application_listing|Application Listing]]
* [[Online_Database|Online Database]]
==== Links ====
==== Links ====

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The ODB Structure

The data in the ODB are structured in a tree form with each "directory" dealing with a specific section of the acquisition. The MIDAS system creates certain ODB trees e.g. /System, /Runinfo, /Experiment when the ODB is first created. Particular system applications automatically create the ODB trees they require the first time they are run. For example, the Data Logger mlogger will create the /Logger ODB tree, and a Frontend will create the /Equipment ODB tree. The user will then be able to customize the ODB to fit his/her requirements by modifying the values of these keys, adding optional keys and links, and adding his/her own "directories" and keys as described throughout this documentation. See ODB for more information.

List of ODB Trees (in alphabetical order)

Note: The user is allowed to create his/her own directory structure under root (/) for his/her own purpose. All the ODB functions are applicable to this structure as well.