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=== How to recover from a corrupted ODB ===
Instructions moved to [[FAQ]]
* Stop your front-ends, [[mlogger]], [[mhttpd]], etc.
* Remove the shared memory associated to ODB buffer. Find the shared memory segment by doing
ls -l /dev/shm
then remove the segment that will be something like /dev/shm/*_test_ODB_SHM
* Move the old ODB files. These will be in the location given by [[Exptab]], e.g. ~/online
cd online
* Restart ODB with larger size using [[odbedit]] e.g.
odbedit -s 100000000
* Reload the last saved ODB dump you have (see [[ODB#Save and reload the ODB|save and reload the ODB]]). These dumps are typically called something like 'online/history/*.xml'.
So from  {{Utility|name=odbedit}} you do something like
odbedit> load history/run00071.xml
* Your ODB should now be fixed.

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