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This page provides quick links to various controls and parameters
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Trigger statistics

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Event Rate [/sec]:
Data Rate [kB/s]:

Equipment Parameter

Mask of muon tracker: click here to change

Trigger level:
1: 1/3 coincidence of ...
2: 2/3 coincidence of ...
3: 3/3 coincidence of ...

Event limit:


Demand for neutron detector: click here to change

Demand for muon tracker: scintillator top layer
scintillator middle layer
Module Parameter
ADC calibration

Pedestal: click here to change

Software gain: click here to change

Histo threshold:

ADC summing ADC threshold:
PMT multiplicity ADC threshold:
FPGA monitoring

Minimum sample time:

Minimum 3fold sample time:

Muon reconstruction

Geometry file name:

Efficiency file name:

Noise level file name:

Histo threshold:

Update threshold: