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Message ID: 1038     Entry time: 12 Nov 2014
Author: Robert Pattie 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: struct mismatch 
Hi all,
  I've started receiving the following error that I can't track down.  Does
anyone have a suggestion for where to start looking for the cause of this?

[Analyzer,ERROR] [odb.c:9460:db_open_record,ERROR] struct size mismatch for "/"
(expected size: 576, size in ODB: 0)

This error prevents me from running two runs in a row.  I have to close the DAQ
and restart to take multiple runs.  Also it prevents me from running the analyzer
in offline mode. 

I also noticed that several for the ODB directories no longer have the same html
format when viewed through the browser.  I've attached a screen print of the
"/Logger/Channels" page.

Attachment 1: logger_channels.pdf  58 kB  Uploaded 12 Nov 2014  | Hide | Hide all
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