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Entry  17 Mar 2015, Wes Gohn, Forum, PosgresQL 
    Reply  17 Mar 2015, Lee Pool, Forum, PosgresQL 
Message ID: 1048     Entry time: 17 Mar 2015     Reply to this: 1049
Author: Wes Gohn 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: PosgresQL 
For our MIDAS installation at Fermilab, it is necessary that we be able to write to a PosgresQL 
database (MySQL is not supported here). This will be required of both mlogger and mscb. 

Has anyone done this before? And do you know of a relatively simple way of implementing it, or do 
we need to replicate the mysql functions that are already in the mlogger/mscb code to add functions 
that perform the equivalent Posgres commands?

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