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Message ID: 1051     Entry time: 07 May 2015
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: https ssl certificate update  
The SSL certificate for has been resigned with SHA256 to fix the complaint from google-chrome about SHA1-signed certificate - 
SHA1 signatures are now considered to be insufficiently secure, have to be replaced by SHA256.

The fingerprints for the new certificate are:
SHA256: 44:03:EA:FB:C5:83:24:01:23:7F:B6:4A:B3:87:A1:0C:98:6F:9F:1D:20:F4:3C:38:45:38:09:A4:6C:30:B9:4B
SHA1: 34:FB:6A:42:0D:92:D7:69:48:75:AD:FE:C8:1C:F7:B6:0B:07:1E:2F
MD5: C1 3D 99 50 13 81 19 FA 7E 65 60 4F F0 FC 99 EA

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