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Entry  31 Oct 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , more odb "run number" error checking 
    Reply  01 Nov 2003, Stefan Ritt, , more odb  
       Reply  01 Nov 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , more odb  
          Reply  14 Nov 2003, Stefan Ritt, , more odb  
Message ID: 108     Entry time: 01 Nov 2003     In reply to: 107     Reply to this: 109
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: more odb  
> I added error checking to the places where we read "/runinfo/run number". In
> general, I do this:

> Affected files:
> src/lazylogger.c
> src/odbedit.c
> src/mlogger.c
> src/mfe.c
> src/odb.c
> src/mana.c
> src/midas.c
> src/mhttpd.c

Now YOU broke the system by editing all these files with something I consider 
temporary debugging code. A run number of zero is *VALILD*. If I want to make 
sure a new experiment starts with run number #1, I put a run number of 0 into 
the ODB. So on the first start the number is incremented by one which results 
in run number from one. So please remove those checks which prevents me of 
doing that. Again, your "run number zero" problem is soemhow specific to your 
environment, and I would not put all these tests into the distribution, 
because this can have side effects, like that one I described above.

- Stefan
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