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Entry  31 Oct 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , Do not frob "/runinfo" in mhttpd.c 
    Reply  01 Nov 2003, Stefan Ritt, , Do not frob  
       Reply  01 Nov 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , Do not frob  
Message ID: 111     Entry time: 31 Oct 2003     Reply to this: 112
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Subject: Do not frob "/runinfo" in mhttpd.c 
I found where we tickle the race condition in db_create_record().

1) in mhttpd.c,  every time we show the status page, we call
db_create_record(hDB, 0, "/Runinfo", strcomb(runinfo_str));
2) internally db_create_record() deletes /RunInfo
3) other programs read "/runinfo/run number" while it is deleted do not
check for the db_get_value() error code and happily get a zero run number.

Stephan fixed the race condition, and now I commited an mhttpd.c change that
only calls db_create_record(hDB, 0, "/Runinfo", strcomb(runinfo_str)); if
/runinfo does not exist. This seems to be redundant with a similar call in
cm_connect_experiment1(), called each time a new client starts up.

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