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Entry  23 Sep 2015, Peter Kravtsov, Forum, db_paste_node error in offline analyzer 
    Reply  25 Sep 2015, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, db_paste_node error in offline analyzer 
Message ID: 1115     Entry time: 23 Sep 2015     Reply to this: 1117
Author: Peter Kravtsov 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: db_paste_node error in offline analyzer 
I have a problem with using analyzer offline.
I'm trying to do it this way:

[lkst@pklinux online]$
[lkst@pklinux online]$ odbedit -c "load data/run00020.odb"
[ODBEdit,INFO] Reloading RPC hosts access control list via hotlink callback
[lkst@pklinux online]$ analyzer -i data/run00020.mid -o test20.root
Root server listening on port 9090...
Running analyzer offline. Stop with "!"
[Analyzer,INFO] Set run number 20 in ODB
analyzer: src/odb.c:6631: db_paste_node: Assertion `status == 1' failed.
Load ODB from run 20...Aborted
[lkst@pklinux online]$

I always get this "Assertion `status == 1' failed." error even
if I try it in the examples/experiment enclosed in MIDAS distribution.
After this try I can not run any midas program, even odbedit reports an error,
until I delete the ODB file in /dev/shm/ and load last ODB dump with odbedit.
What do I do wrong and how this can be fixed?
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