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Message ID: 1151     Entry time: 10 Dec 2015
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Small change in loading .odb files 
A small change in loading .odb files has been implemented. When you load an array from a .odb file, the indices in each line were not evaluated, only the complete array was loaded. In our experiment we need however to load only a few values, like some HV values for some channels but leaving the other values as they are. I changed slightly the code of db_paste() to correctly evaluate the index in each line of the .odb file. This way one can write for example following .odb file:

Demand = FLOAT[256] :
[10] 100.1
[11] 100.2
[12] 100.3
[13] 100.4
[14] 100.5
[15] 100.6

then load it in odbedit via the "load" command, and then only change channels 10-15.

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