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Message ID: 1173     Entry time: 30 Mar 2016
Author: Belina von Krosigk 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: mserver ERR message saying data area 100% full, though it is free 

I have just installed Midas and set-up the ODB for a SuperCDMS test-facility (on
a SL6.7 machine). All works fine except that I receive the following error message:

[mserver,ERROR] [odb.c:944:db_validate_db,ERROR] Warning: database data area is
100% full

Which is puzzling for the following reason:

-> I have created the ODB with: odbedit -s 4194304
-> Checking the size of the .ODB.SHM it says: 4.2M
-> When I save the ODB as .xml and check the file's size it says: 1.1M
-> When I start odbedit and check the memory usage issuing 'mem', it says: 
Free Key area: 1982136 bytes out of 2097152 bytes
Free Data area: 2020072 bytes out of 2097152 bytes
Free: 1982136 (94.5%) keylist, 2020072 (96.3%) data

So it seems like nearly all memory is still free. As a test I created more
instances of one of our front-ends and checked 'mem' again. As expected the free
memory was decreasing. I did this ten times in fact, reaching

Free Key area: 1440976 bytes out of 2097152 bytes
Free Data area: 1861264 bytes out of 2097152 bytes
Free: 1440976 (68.7%) keylist, 1861264 (88.8%) data

So I could use another >20% of the database data area, which is according to the
error message 100% (resp. >95%) full. Am I misunderstanding the error message?
I'd appreciate any comments or ideas on that subject!

Thanks, Belina
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