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Message ID: 1189     Entry time: 08 Aug 2016
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Release 
Subject: Merged - new pure html web pages: programs and alarms. 
The code for the new pure html and javascript web pages was merged into main midas.

In this release, the "programs" and "alarms" pages are implemented as html files, see 
resources/programs.html and alarms.html.

Eventually we hope to implement all midas web pages in html, so this is just a start.

If you see problems with the new html code, you can revert to the old mhttpd-generated web 
pages by removing the files programs.html and alarms.html.

The new code for starting and stopping runs (start.html and transition.html) is also merged, but not 
yet enabled, pending a few more tests.

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