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Message ID: 119     Entry time: 30 Oct 2003
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: 'umask' added to lazylogger for FTP connections 
I had to add a 'umask' opiton to the loggers (lazy and mlogger) for the new 
PSI archive. One can now put a filename into the settings like:


where the optional last parameter is used for a "umask 026" command just 
sent to the FTP server after the connection has been established. This 
changes the mode bits of the newly transferred file. We needed that so that 
the files are group readable, since several people from one group want to 
read the data.

I committed mlogger.c and ybos.c which contains the ftp code (should 
actually go into lazylogger.c instead of ybos.c).
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