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Entry  09 Sep 2016, Amy Roberts, Suggestion, AJAX jmsg "get messages since t" ability - add to docs? 
    Reply  30 Sep 2016, Konstantin Olchanski, Suggestion, AJAX jmsg "get messages since t" ability - add to docs? 
Message ID: 1203     Entry time: 30 Sep 2016     In reply to: 1197
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: AJAX jmsg "get messages since t" ability - add to docs? 
> I recently needed to watch the Midas messages for a particular error - and 
> thus needed a command to "get all the messages since a time t".
> The documentation ( 
> documents a way to "get the most recent n messages" - but when I dug into the 
> code, I was delighted to find that the existing Midas code also supports the 
> "get all messages since t" query.
> For the "get all messages since t" query, the parameter t should be the unix 
> timestamp in seconds, and the parameter n should be zero: curl -X GET 
> "http://localhost:8081/?cmd=jmsg&n=0&t=1473437918".
> Pretty useful!  Perhaps this should be added to the AJAX documentation?

The "jmsg" methods are obsolete - please use the JSON-RPC method "cm_msg_retrieve" as shown in resources/example.html. It takes all the same parameters as the midas.h 
cm_msg_retrieve() function, see the snipped from example.html below.

To see the full list of JSON-RPC methods, go to the "help" page and press the button for "json-rpc schema in text table format".

The entry for "cm_msg_retrieve" has this:

cm_msg_retrieve?      | Retrieve midas messages using cm_msg_retrieve2()
                      | ------------------------------------------------------------
                      | params   | facility?           | string         | message facility, default is "midas"
                      |          | min_messages?       | integer        | get at least this many messages, default is 1
                      |          | time?               | number         | start from given timestamp, value 0 means give me newest messages, default is 0
                      | ------------------------------------------------------------
                      | result   | num_messages        | integer        | number of messages returned
                      |          | messages            | string         | messages separated by \n
                      |          | status              | integer        | return status of cm_msg_retrieve2()

Snippet from resources/example.html: (to add "time" parameter, put "time":12345 next to "min_messages").

<input type=button value='Get last 10 midas messages'
          onClick='mjsonrpc_call("cm_msg_retrieve", { "min_messages": 10 })
                   .then(function(rpc) {
                   document.getElementById("cm_msg_retrieve_num_messages").innerHTML = JSON.stringify(rpc.result.num_messages);
                   document.getElementById("cm_msg_retrieve_messages").innerHTML = JSON.stringify(rpc.result.messages);
                   .catch(function(error) {
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