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Entry  16 Oct 2003, David Morris, , Updated thread functions 
    Reply  28 Oct 2003, Stefan Ritt, , Updated thread functions 
Message ID: 121     Entry time: 28 Oct 2003     In reply to: 120
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Updated thread functions 
> ss_thread_create now returns the thread ID on success, and zero on failure.
> Previously returned SS_SUCCESS or SS_NO_THREAD. User must now test the
> return value to determine result.
> ss_thread_kill added to kill the passed thread ID. Returns SS_SUCCESS or
> Any thread creation must be verified now, and old code must be examined to
> ensure the return value is checked.

Thank you for that post. Internally, threads are not use in midas, so there 
should be no problem. Only experiments using threads explicitly should take 
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