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Message ID: 1236     Entry time: 14 Feb 2017
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: mhttpd.js split into midas.js, mhttpd.js and obsolete.js 
As discussed before, the midas omnibus javascript file mhttpd.js has been split into three pieces:

midas.js - midas "public api" for building web pages that interact with midas
mhttpd.js - javascript functions used by mhttpd web pages
obsolete.js - functions still in use, but not recommended for new designs, mostly because of the deprecated "Synchronous XMLHttpRequest" business.

Consider these use cases:

a) completely standalone web pages served from some other web server (not mhttpd): loading midas.js, set the mhttpd location (base URL) via mjsonrpc_set_url(url) and issue 
midas json-rpc requests as normal. (mhttpd fully supports the cross-site scripting (CORS) function).

b) custom pages loaded from mhttpd without midas styling: same as above, but no need to set the mhttpd base url.

c) custom pages loaded from mhttpd with midas styling: load midas.js, load mhttpd.js, load midas.css or mhttpd.css, see aaa_template.html or example.html to see how it all fits 

d) custom replacement for mhttpd standard web pages: to replace (for example) the standard "alarms" page, copy (or create a new one) alarms.html into the experiment directory 
($MIDAS_DIR, same place as .ODB.SHM) and hack away. You can start from alarms.html, from aaa_template.html or from example.html.


P.S. I am also reviewing mhttpd.css - the existing css file severely changes standard html formatting making it difficult to create custom web pages (all online tutorials and examples 
look nothing like that are supposed to look like). The new CSS file midas.css fixes this by only changing formatting of html elements that explicitly ask for "midas styling", without 
contaminating the standard html formatting. midas.css only works for example.html and aaa_template.html for now.

P.P.S. Here is the complete list of javascript functions in all 3 files:

8s-macbook-pro:resources 8ss$ grep ^function midas.js mhttpd.js obsolete.js
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_set_url(url)
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_send_request(req)
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_debug_alert(rpc) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_decode_error(error) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_error_alert(error) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_make_request(method, params, id)
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_call(method, params, id)
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_start_program(name, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_stop_program(name, unique, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_cm_exist(name, unique, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_al_reset_alarm(alarms, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_al_trigger_alarm(name, message, xclass, condition, type, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_copy(paths, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_get_values(paths, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_ls(paths, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_resize(paths, new_lengths, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_key(paths, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_delete(paths, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_paste(paths, values, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_db_create(paths, id) {
midas.js:function mjsonrpc_cm_msg(message, type, id) {
mhttpd.js:function ODBFinishInlineEdit(p, path, bracket)
mhttpd.js:function ODBInlineEditKeydown(event, p, path, bracket)
mhttpd.js:function ODBInlineEdit(p, odb_path, bracket)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_disable_button(button)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_enable_button(button)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_hide_button(button)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_unhide_button(button)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_init_overlay(overlay)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_hide_overlay(overlay)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_unhide_overlay(overlay)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_getParameterByName(name) {
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_goto_page(page) {
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_navigation_bar(current_page)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_page_footer()
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_create_page_handle_create(mouseEvent)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_create_page_handle_cancel(mouseEvent)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_delete_page_handle_delete(mouseEvent)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_delete_page_handle_cancel(mouseEvent)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_start_run()
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_stop_run()
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_pause_run()
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_resume_run()
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_cancel_transition()
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_reset_alarm(alarm_name)
mhttpd.js:function msg_load(f)
mhttpd.js:function msg_prepend(msg)
mhttpd.js:function msg_append(msg)
mhttpd.js:function findPos(obj) {
mhttpd.js:function msg_extend()
mhttpd.js:function alarm_load()
mhttpd.js:function aspeak_click(t)
mhttpd.js:function mhttpd_alarm_speak(t)
mhttpd.js:function chat_kp(e)
mhttpd.js:function rb()
mhttpd.js:function speak_click(t)
mhttpd.js:function chat_send()
mhttpd.js:function chat_load()
mhttpd.js:function chat_format(line)
mhttpd.js:function chat_prepend(msg)
mhttpd.js:function chat_append(msg)
mhttpd.js:function chat_reformat()
mhttpd.js:function chat_extend()
obsolete.js:function XMLHttpRequestGeneric()
obsolete.js:function ODBSetURL(url)
obsolete.js:function ODBSet(path, value, pwdname)
obsolete.js:function ODBGet(path, format, defval, len, type)
obsolete.js:function ODBMGet(paths, callback, formats)
obsolete.js:function ODBGetRecord(path)
obsolete.js:function ODBExtractRecord(record, key)
obsolete.js:function ODBKey(path)
obsolete.js:function ODBCopy(path, format)
obsolete.js:function ODBCall(url, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMCopy(paths, callback, encoding)
obsolete.js:function ODBMLs(paths, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMCreate(paths, types, arraylengths, stringlengths, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMResize(paths, arraylengths, stringlengths, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMRename(paths, names, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMLink(paths, links, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMReorder(paths, indices, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMKey(paths, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBMDelete(paths, callback)
obsolete.js:function ODBRpc_rev0(name, rpc, args)
obsolete.js:function ODBRpc_rev1(name, rpc, max_reply_length, args)
obsolete.js:function ODBRpc(program_name, command_name, arguments_string, callback, max_reply_length)
obsolete.js:function ODBGetMsg(facility, start, n)
obsolete.js:function ODBGenerateMsg(type,facility,user,msg)
obsolete.js:function ODBGetAlarms()
obsolete.js:function ODBEdit(path)
obsolete.js:function getMouseXY(e)
8s-macbook-pro:resources 8ss$

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