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Message ID: 1238     Entry time: 15 Feb 2017
Author: NguyenMinhTruong 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: increase event buffer size 
Dear all,

I have problem in event buffer size.

When run MIDAS, I got error "total event size (1307072) larger than buffer size
(1048576)", so I guess that the EVENT_BUFFER_SIZE is small.

I change EVENT_BUFFER_SIZE in midas.h from 0x100000 to 0x200000. After compiling
and run MIDAS, I got other error "Shared memory segment with key 0x4d040761
already exists, please remove it manually: ipcrm -M 0x4d040761 size0x204a3c" in

I check the shmget() function in system.C and it is said that error come from
Shared memory segments larger than 16,773,120 bytes and create teraspace shared
memory segments

Anyone has this problem before?
Thanks for your help

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