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Message ID: 1245     Entry time: 27 Feb 2017
Author: William Moore 
Topic: Suggestion 
Subject: analyzer failing to load ODB parameters 

I am attempting to compile and run analysis code on a completely different,
unconnected system than the DAQ computer for the experiment. The analyzer was
developed previously and my goal is to get it running and then update it to
achieve my needs. Before compiling the analyzer, I load a backup ODB file in
odbedit, and compile experim.h. I then compile the analyzer with that experim.h
file. When I run the analyzer I get the following output:

> MIDAS version 2.1ROOT version 5.34/36Root server listening on port 9090...
> Running analyzer offline. Stop with "!"
> Configuration file "/somedir/switches.odb" loaded
> [Analyzer,INFO] Set run number 1290 in ODB
> Load ODB from run 1290...[Analyzer,INFO] cannot load value "Client Notify":
write protected
> [Analyzer,INFO] cannot load value "Prompt": write protected
> [Analyzer,INFO] cannot load value "LANSCE-ops": write protected
> MIDAS version 2.1ROOT version 5.34/36OK
> Configuration file "/somedir/switches.odb" loaded
> Data_Raw/run01290.mid.gz:16355  Data_Analyzed/run01290.root:15208  events, 0.43s

I have confirmed all files being used have read/write access to all users. The
analyzer does populate a .root output file with filled histograms, however not
all histograms are filled. I believe this is because histograms that relied on
an ODB paramater that failed to load did not populate. Any idea as to what I am
doing wrong or how I could resolve this issue are greatly appreciated.

William Moore
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