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Entry  14 Apr 2017, Wes Gohn, Forum, mhttpd lag 
    Reply  14 Apr 2017, Pierre Gorel, Forum, mhttpd lag 
       Reply  15 Apr 2017, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, mhttpd lag 
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Message ID: 1266     Entry time: 15 Apr 2017     In reply to: 1262     Reply to this: 1267
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: mhttpd lag 
> > Hi everyone, 
> > 
> > We have recently been experiencing a lot of lag with our midas control webpage,
> > which is making it very frustrating to use. Has anyone experienced this, and do
> > you have any advice to speed it up? Are there particular web browsers that work
> > better than others, or certain settings that can make respond more quickly?
> > 
> > Thanks!
> > Wes
> We saw this happening as well. In our case, we could track this down to mhttpd
> taking a lot of CPU. A kill/restart of mhttpd is usually doing the trick (without
> disturbing data taking). We did not find an obvious reason for this happening.

One place where mhttpd can be stalled (and even go into infornite loop) is making history plots.

If you ask for a history plot of 10 variables across 1 year, nobody can access any midas web page
until mhttpd finishes grinding through the history data. (with the old .hst history format is was exceedingly 
slow, with the new "file" format, it is pretty quick, but everybody still has to wait). If you leave this page 
open, it will autorefresh every so many minutes ensuring continuing delays for other mhttpd users.

The other place for stalling mhttpd was in the run transitions (mhttpd was unresponsive while executing a 
run transition), this was fixed by the multithreaded transitions.

To fix the unresponsive history requests, you can try to setup a separate "history mhttpd", run a second 
mhttpd on a different port (with "-H" if desired), put this URL of this mhttpd in ODB "/history/url". (if you 
are using my instructions for setting up the apache httpd proxy, you can see provisions for this. 
/history/url will be set to "").

If neither of the above, there is the usual culprits of bad networking somewhere, etc.

Best way to test if delays are in midas or elsewhere is to stand in front of your midas computer, run a 
current version of google-chrome or firefox right on it, there should be no delays.

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