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Entry  18 Apr 2017, Andreas Suter, Bug Report, run start/stop oddity  
    Reply  02 May 2017, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, run start/stop oddity  
Message ID: 1273     Entry time: 18 Apr 2017     Reply to this: 1288
Author: Andreas Suter 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: run start/stop oddity  
I stumbled over an oddity which I would like to understand better. Here the
- Enable non-localhost RPC -> y
- Disable RPC hosts check  -> y

1) I am starting a run from ODBedit (start now -v):

07:13:11.272 2017/04/19 [ODBEdit,INFO] Run #26 started

07:13:25.516 2017/04/19 [Logger,LOG] File '/data/max/dlog/lem17_0026.root'
CRC32C checksum: 0x05ca4e7e, 1523383 bytes

On this little test experiment there is not much running, but it already shows
the effect I wanted to understand.

2) I am stopping the run from ODBedit (stop -v):

07:13:25.519 2017/04/19 [ODBEdit,INFO] Run #26 stopped

So, everything looks perfectly fine up to this point.

3) Now the 'strange' thing happens. To any point in time after this, I will stop
ODBEdit which results in the following messages:

07:13:32.335 2017/04/19 [ODBEdit,INFO] Program ODBEdit on host pc7962 stopped

07:13:32.335 2017/04/19 [Logger,ERROR] [midas.c:14079:rpc_server_receive,ERROR]
rpc check ok, abort canceled

This I do NOT understand! It looks as if the Logger (or any other client which
gets the run state transition) thinks that some Client (here ODBEdit) has a
broken connection. At least this is how I understand the comment in midas.c /
rpc_server_receive(). Is something broken in the de-registration from the RPC
server? By the way, all clients where running on the localhost, i.e. no remote
connection used here.

All this only happens if a run transition took place.

Unfortunately I do not understand the system well enough to suggest any fix to
this :-( and hence would appreciate any help. 
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