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Message ID: 1294     Entry time: 31 May 2017
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: modified db_watch() arguments 
for reasons unknown, db_watch() did not have an "info" parameter passed through to the callback 
handler function, like it is done with db_open_record().

This omission makes it difficult to write db_watch handler functions that must watch multiple odb 
trees - db_watch only delivers the hkey of the modified item inside the tree, leaving us with no 
simple way to tell which tree it came from. An example of this is mfe.c watching the Common 
structure for multiple equipments. There are other
uses for the "info" parameter, for example it is needed to implement c++ wrapper classes.

this omission is now corrected at the cost of changing the definition db_watch().

all uses of db_watch() in the midas tree have been corrected, but all out-of-tree programs
will not compile. For quick conversion, add a NULL parameter to db_watch() calls and add a 
"void*info" parameter to your watch handler function.

sorry about this disturbance,
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