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Message ID: 1305     Entry time: 13 Jul 2017
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: implemented: json-rpc batch requests 
The mhttpd json-rpc interface now implements batch requests per

In the nutshell, instead of a single request, one can send a json array of requests and receive a json 
array of replies.

As a variance from the spec, the midas implementation executes the requests strictly in-order and 
the array of replies corresponds exactly to the array of requests (the spec requires user to use the 
"id" field to match replies to requests, in midas json-rpc, the 1st reply is always to the 1st request,
2nd reply is to the 2nd request and so forth).

See this in action look at resources/example.html and in resources/transition.html

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