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Message ID: 1307     Entry time: 25 Jul 2017
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Topic: Info 
Subject: Current git repository "develop" branch broken 
Dear all,

we are currently undergoing major modifications in the way mhttpd is working. I realized that 
we are now at a state where mhttpd is currently broken, and it will take a few weeks in order to 
get everything converted to the new scheme we plan to use. Therefore I moved the git branch 
"master" to the last known stable version of midas. So for any practical purpose, please do 
NOT update your "develop" branch until further notice. To get the last stable version, you can 
do a 

$ git checkout master

which moves you right before we started to make major modifications. Once we are finished, 
we will announce this here in the forum.

Best regards,
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