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Entry  11 Aug 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , mhttpd crash on corrupted ODB /RunInfo 
    Reply  10 Oct 2003, Konstantin Olchanski, , mhttpd crash on corrupted ODB /RunInfo 
Message ID: 135     Entry time: 11 Aug 2003     Reply to this: 136
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Subject: mhttpd crash on corrupted ODB /RunInfo 
Invalid values of ODB /RunInfo/State cause mhttpd crash in
show_status_page() because of an out of bounds access to the array of state
names. Suggest this fix: remove array of state names, use existing ladder of
if/else statements to explicitely set state name. Verified the fix works for
TWIST. Will commit this into MIDAS CVS unless get feedback.

src/mhttpd.c:show_status_page() {
  rsprintf("<tr align=center><td>Run #%d", runinfo.run_number);

  if (runinfo.state == STATE_STOPPED)
    rsprintf("<td colspan=1 bgcolor=#FF0000>Stopped");
  else if (runinfo.state == STATE_PAUSED)
    rsprintf("<td colspan=1 bgcolor=#FFFF00>Paused");
  else if (runinfo.state == STATE_RUNNING)
    rsprintf("<td colspan=1 bgcolor=#00FF00>Running");
    rsprintf("<td colspan=1 bgcolor=#FFFFFF>Unknown");

  if (runinfo.requested_transition)

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