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Message ID: 1371     Entry time: 08 Jun 2018
Author: Lee Pool 
Topic: Info 

So I finally got around to "publish" work I did in 2009/2010 with RTEMS.

The work was mainly between myself and Till Straumann (SLAC), and Dr. Joel 
Sherill, to get VME support for vme universe/vme tsi148 ( basic support ), into 
the i386 bsp. ( our rtems port ).

What this did was to allow us to run our various VME single board controllers, 
with a single frontend application.

It is still classified testing but its been very successful, so
far, and I hope to use it in the next experiment, if possible.

The midas port, contains a makefile, and some changes to the 
midas.c/system.c/mfe.c files. I've not tested  the full functionality
as I'm super time limited.

Hope this is help full to others...
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