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Entry  21 Aug 2018, Wes Gohn, Bug Report, mserver problem 
    Reply  28 Aug 2018, Konstantin Olchanski, Bug Report, mserver problem 
Message ID: 1382     Entry time: 21 Aug 2018     Reply to this: 1390
Author: Wes Gohn 
Topic: Bug Report 
Subject: mserver problem 
Hi. We've just updated our midas installation to the newest version, and we now see repeated errors from the 
mserver in messages. Mostly we see

11:17:02.994 2018/08/21 [ODBEdit,TALK] Program mserver restarted

which happens 2-3 times per minute. 

We have also been seeing occasional dropped rpc connections to our frontends, which could be related. 

The version we were running with previously was ~1 year old, and we have just updated to the newest version 
on bitbucket. 

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