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Message ID: 1447     Entry time: 11 Feb 2019
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: json-rpc request for ODB /Script and /CustomScript. 
I added json-rpc requests for ODB /Script and /CustomScript (the first one shows up on the status page in the left hand side menu, the 
second one is "hidden", intended for use by custom pages).

To invoke the RPC method do this: (from mhttpd.js). Use parameter "customscript" instead of "script" to execute scripts from ODB 

One can identify the version of MIDAS that has this function implemented by the left hand side menu - the script links are placed by script 

function mhttpd_exec_script(name)
   //console.log("exec_script: " + name);
   var params = new Object;
   params.script = name;
   mjsonrpc_call("exec_script", params).then(function(rpc) {
      var status = rpc.result.status;
      if (status != 1) {
         dlgAlert("Exec script \"" + name + "\" status " + status);
   }).catch(function(error) {

The underlying code moved from mhttpd.cxx to the midas library as cm_exec_script(odb_path);

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