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Entry  12 Mar 2019, Francesco Renga, Forum, Problem stopping every second run 
    Reply  13 Mar 2019, Konstantin Olchanski, Forum, Problem stopping every second run 
Message ID: 1485     Entry time: 12 Mar 2019     Reply to this: 1489
Author: Francesco Renga 
Topic: Forum 
Subject: Problem stopping every second run 
Dear all,
         I'm running a DAQ frontend and it works well if one single run is
taken. If I try to take a second run right after, the run is performed but, when
stopping it, I get the error messages below. Any hint?

Thank you for your help,

11:42:24.012 2019/03/12 [mhttpd,ERROR] [midas.c:6022:cm_shutdown,ERROR] Killing
and Deleting client 'cygnus_daq' pid 12472

11:42:24.012 2019/03/12 [mhttpd,ERROR] [midas.c:6019:cm_shutdown,ERROR] Cannot
connect to client 'cygnus_daq' on host 'localhost', port 46341

11:42:24.012 2019/03/12 [mhttpd,ERROR] [midas.c:9539:rpc_client_connect,ERROR]
cannot connect to host "localhost", port 46341: connect() returned -1, errno 111
(Connection refused)

11:42:24.012 2019/03/12 [mhttpd,ERROR] [midas.c:10821:rpc_client_call,ERROR]
call to "cygnus_daq" on "localhost" RPC "rc_transition": error,
ss_recv_net_command() status 411

11:42:24.012 2019/03/12 [mhttpd,ERROR] [system.c:4715:ss_recv_net_command,ERROR]
error receiving network command header, see messages

11:42:24.011 2019/03/12 [mhttpd,ERROR] [system.c:4661:recv_tcp2,ERROR]
unexpected connection closure

11:42:23.994 2019/03/12 [cygnus_daq,ERROR] [midas.c:1951:,ERROR]
cm_disconnect_experiment not called at end of program
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