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Message ID: 150     Entry time: 03 Oct 2004
Author: Konstantin Olchanski 
Topic: Info 
Subject: mscb usb support for macosx 
After a felicitous confuence of stellar bodies (Stefan, myself, some mscb hardware
and a mac laptop all in the same room for a few days), I wrote some MacOSX
code to support the MSCB-USB dongle using the native IoKit USB API. During testing,
I was able to communicate with an MSCB High voltage regulator module. I am now
commiting this code to CVS, warts and all (we can clean it up when somebody actually
uses it). Tested compilation on Linux (with libusb) and MacOSX (native
IoKit. MacOSX+libusb is possible but untested), Win32 should be unaffected by my changes,
but I could not test it.
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